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EWASTE+ headquarters is a 103,000 SF, state-of-the-art, certified & secure production facility for receiving, sorting, identifying and processing of IT assets.
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Client Services
EWASTE+ provides electronics recycling, certified data destruction and ITAD services to municipalities, educational institutions, hospitals, governmental agencies, businesses, non-profits, and residential customers. The Company also provides regulatory compliance services for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) with obligations under various Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Laws for electronics.
Shipping & Receiving / Logistics
Our logistics team is outfitted with Class 8 tractor trailers and 26 Foot box trucks with 3000 pound capacity lift gates. Each collection vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracking system to improve routing capabilities, security and maximize customer service. In addition, we have over 200 active staging trailers positioned adjacent to our Victor headquarters which are leveraged to support our collection activities during peak seasons.
Materials Processing
Our certified management systems, proprietary tracking software, material handling and waste stream organizational skills has allowed us to create visibility within the waste stream and to maximize its potential while essentially eliminating hazardous risk to the environment.
Our demanufacturing and salvage operations create commodity-grade ferrous and non-ferrous metals including high value circuit boards, components, and regulated “focus materials”.
Asset Management
Our robust and customizable electronic asset tracking process creates a unique tracking batch file for every item, which includes all requested item level characteristics. Our batch tracking system allows us to manage and verify our promise to you – a secure chain of custody from the time your equipment leaves your facility until its final disposition. For every batch, you will receive an Inventory Summary Report and Certificate of Recycling, as well as an NAID Certificate of Data Destruction for all applicable assets that we process on your behalf.
Security Center & Verification Station
Security is a top priority; therefore a large investment has been made in physical security systems throughout our facility. A Shred-Tech low torque shredder and ImageMASSter WipePRO X2 ensure our clients receive the highest level of data destruction and sanitization. Security cameras cover all production work cells and each point of entry or egress with over 90 days of video footage stored at all times on servers with redundant and offsite backups. Access to the production floor is restricted by use of electronic keypads and all employee exit points are subject to random security checks no less than two times per week. Additionally, interior and exterior doors are outfitted with sensors which allow any breach to be reported in real time to a central monitoring station with police dispatch capabilities.
Tech Services & Value Recovery
Our comprehensive R2 certified and OEM approved electronics testing and remanufacturing process creates tested working products for sale through brokers, wholesalers, maintenance companies, remanufacturers and consumers. Through an extensive remarketing network and both B2B and e-commerce sales channels, EWASTE+ sells large quantities of tested working electronic hardware, components and consumer grade products throughout the United States and abroad.
Inventory Control
Internal software systems are utilized throughout all areas of EWASTE+, enhancing our productivity, operations, and inventory control and support capabilities. EWASTE+ IT team supports over 100 internal windows based workstations, most of which are operating Microsoft Office productivity applications. Tiered pallet racking is utilized throughout the operation for the storage of both work in progress and finished goods. A shelf-supported mezzanine with conveyor system is employed to store, protect, and deliver our product inventory safely to our customers.