SONY Mail-Back Program Form

SONY Mail-Back Program* for New York State Covered Electronic Equipment (CEE) 

If you are a New York State resident and want to recycle a SONY electronic device that is listed as CEE under the New York State Electronic Equipment Recycling & Reuse Act but you do not have access to a free and convenient NYS registered collection site (, you may be eligible to participate in the SONY mail-back program.

*Managed by EWASTE+

Terms & Conditions

This program is for New York State Covered Electronic Equipment only. If you are unsure if your item qualifies, please visit the NY DEC website “Guidance for Consumers of Covered Electronic Equipment” at . Once an item is packaged and shipped through this program, it cannot be returned to you. Prior to shipping your item, please be sure to remove any components that you wish to keep, cancel any services or subscriptions tied to the item, and/or delete or remove any personal data or information. Prior to recycling your PC, Laptop or any other data bearing device, SONY and EWASTE+ highly recommends that you use DBAN or a similar software-based sanitization program to remove any data on the device. You can download this utility for free at:


SONY and EWASTE+ will not be responsible for any information left on devices, nor any fees incurred by non-cancelled subscriptions or services.

SONY and EWASTE+ accept no liability for any services performed in connection with this mail-back program, including but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of personal data, or any other punitive damages resulting directly or indirectly from participation in this program.

By filling out and submitting the SONY mail-back form below, you have agreed to and accepted the terms and conditions listed above.