Questions and Answers

Q: Is it legal to charge consumers for recycling in New York State?
A: Yes ‐ It is legal for collection sites and recyclers to charge consumers for recycling however the manufacturers cannot take credit for pounds that consumers pay for (manufacturers have volume requirements per law).

Q: Where Can I take my CRT's for free recycling?
A: We are not aware of a free CRT collection site in our area. You can go to the NYS DEC website below and identify the specific brand of CRT you have and research the free program that specific manufacturers offer in NYS.

Q: I used to be able to recycle my CRT TVs and CRT Monitors for free at RCR&R, why is there a cost now?
A: The cost associated with proper recycling of CRT televisions and monitors has risen dramatically and the funding under the New York State Electronics Recycling & Reuse Act (EPR Law) and is not sufficient to cover all of these costs. After several years of EWASTE+ subsidizing the costs of proper CRT recycling, it is now necessary for EWASTE+ to directly charge a small fee to properly handle and recycle CRT's.

Q: Why does it cost money to recycle CRT's but not my other electronics?
A: The total cost to collect and properly recycle residential ewaste exceeds the typical manufacturer reimbursement offered under the law. The main issues are the high cost to properly recycle CRT containing devices and the elevated percentage of CRT devices (over 80%) in the residential ewaste stream. CRT's contain 4lbs to 8lbs of hazardous leaded glass. To properly recycle CRT devices, we must receive adequate funding from either the consumers who purchased and used the CRT device or the manufacturers who made the CRT device. The nationwide glut of leaded CRT glass and the abandonment of warehouses filled with leaded CRT glass is a major issue. EWASTE+ is not going to add to the problem by collecting this material without adequate funding to properly recycle it.

Q: Why are SONY CRT's free to recycle?
A: SONY has engaged WASTE+ to collect EWASTE in NYS on their behalf. SONY subsidizes the cost of processing CRT's covering the resident's portion of the processing fee.