Hard Drive Destruction or Sanitization should never be a DIY project.

1. Qualify your ITAD Provider. ASK QUESTIONS!
- Are they certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID)? (Please Note: NAID Members are not necessarily certified.)
- What’s their process? Shredding/Sanitization?
- Will you receive documentation/ reporting?
- Are you covered under their liability insurance?
- Are they compliant with all local, state and federal regulations?
- Is you provider qualified to handle solid state drives, cell phones and tablets?

2. Hard Drive Destruction should be performed by a qualified professional.
- Working with a professional vendor will be time and cost effective!
- A professional ITAD partner should provide you with full chain-of custody-reporting, as well as a Certificate of Destruction.

3. Unless you have extenuating circumstances, leave hard drives in your computers.
- This will ensure the proper linking relationship (i.e. Hard Drive to computer) in your serialization report.
- Verification service of missing drives (when applicable).

"Every year, we process, serialize and destroy millions of pounds of data-bearing devices for our customers. Our rigorous process includes secure collection and handling, documented chain-of-custody, as well as asset inventory and serial number tracking. From Downstream Data Coverage, to our Zero-landfill initiative; our recycling process brings significant value to any business…"
 -Pete Cooper, EWASTE+ Asset Management Supervisor